Maternity Style: Staying True To Myself

August 3, 2015


Some maternity clothes (alright...almost all of them) are very dowdy and tent-like but going into this pregnancy I was determined to have the same style as I always have. I knew I would never be one of those confident women that bared my bump loud and proud because I never wore skin tight clothing when I wasn't pregnant. So far in this 22 plus weeks of my twin pregnancy I have found pieces that skimmed over my bump to enhance it without making it the statement feature in my clothes unless I want it to be.

  One of my tips during pregnancy is to size up in non-maternity clothes because it will end up saving a bunch of money. For some reason, maternity clothes are expensive! I don't know about you but I am not willing to spend a fortune on clothing that will only fit properly for about 5-6 months over my growing curves. I would love to be as rich as Kim Kardashian and buy all these designer maternity duds but I don't have the KUWTK television money.

Another tip is to pick fabrics with more stretch like jersey material. Being pregnant in the summer has been so easy due to all the maxi dresses and flowy, bohemian style pieces. Pick a long non-maternity maxi skirt and pair it with a maternity top to save a few bucks so you don't have to purchase a total head-to-toe maternity outfit. It doesn't work for me anymore but all during the first and some of the second trimester, I did the rubber band trick with my regular jeans to save money and just wore long, tunic style tops to cover the evidence.

  Some of my all time favorite maternity places to shop are:

1. Old Navy- the selection in stores are crap, you HAVE to shop online where the selection is much bigger. I just trusted the sizing and went with the same size I wore in non-maternity and so far it's working for me. The maternity pieces that I have that are still available online are here, here, here, here and here if you have any questions about the fit. PS- all of them are on sale!
  2. ASOS- they have a amazing selection of maternity clothes and while some of the brands they carry can get a little pricey, I usually stick to the ASOS maternity brand cause it's a more affordable option. I am *this close* to buying this dress for my upcoming baby shower. It's off the shoulder and floral which are two of the moment trends right now proving that maternity fashion can be just as fashionable as regular clothing.
3. Motherhood Maternity- this site can be hit or miss and I only have one or two pieces from here so far but the things I have are classic. I bought this denim dress knowing I can wear it in the heat of the summer with flats and a statement necklace and carry it through until my due date (December) with a open knit sweater, boots and tights. I also bought this dress because it is such a timeless shape and very business casual work appropriate. ( I'll take pictures when it comes in.) I just found out that Burlington Coat Factory carries the Motherhood Maternity brand for way less...I got the cutest top yesterday for under ten bucks!

The non-maternity places I have been shopping and just sizing up are Old Navy, Target, Gwynnie Bee (click here to join), Southern Bella Boutique and of all places- Altar'd State...they have so many bohemian pieces that fit me but it is on the expensive size.

It is entirely your choice how to dress when you are pregnant but stay true to your personality and try to dress comfortably in those nine months. 

 Bottom line- buy clothing that you feel good in.  Rock those baby bumps!

  DSCN4863 DSCN4864 DSCN4866 DSCN4856
Old Navy dress (click here to purchase ON SALE), Tory Burch sandals (click here to purchase), Francesca's necklace, Jonathan Cate sunglasses (click here for similar)

Weekend Warrior

July 31, 2015


  Before I got pregnant I was a pretty active person working out about 3-4 times a week. I can proudly say I have continued this lifestyle so far throughout my pregnancy. Since finding out I was pregnant with twins at 7 weeks, however, I have had to modify some things. My doctor told me I could walk, do the elliptical or ride a stationary bike safely until I deliver so that is what I have been doing up until this point. I use to run (not anymore) and walk outside but I cannot bear this heat with my core body temp already so much higher than normal so I have moved inside to a gym for the reminder of my pregnancy.

  Old Navy has been my savior for maternity active wear so far. I love these compression crops so much that I ordered another pair in black a couple weeks ago and have been alternating them. I usually wear a size large in Old Navy non-maternity so I just sized up to a XL for some cute and affordable tank tops. I truly think working out has saved me from a lot of typical symptoms moms-to-be get around this time like swelling in the feet, excessive weight gain, etc.

  DSCN4838 DSCN4840 DSCN4837 DSCN4830
Old Navy maternity compression crops (click here to purchase on SALE), New Balance tennis shoes (click here for similar), Forever 21 socks, Old Navy tank top (click here for similar), Target sports bra

Casual Baby Bump Style

July 30, 2015


I originally bought this dress to wear as a dress but surprise, is now more of a tunic length thanks to my expanding belly. Since it still fits I decided to wear my boyfriend jeans with it and I like the outcome more than I thought I would.

  Yesterday we bought our infant carriers (these are the exact ones) it just makes this pregnancy more and more real!

  DSCN4828 DSCN4827 DSCN4820 DSCN4826
The Mint Julep Boutique dress, Old Navy maternity boyfriend jeans (click here to purchase), Charlotte Russe sandals, Jonathan Cate sunglasses, Francesca's earrings

Button Down Tops While Pregnant

July 29, 2015

I cannot believe I am wearing a button down top at 21 weeks pregnant.  I could hardly make button downs work in my non-maternity lifestyle (blame it on the boobs) but this top fits perfectly...maybe even a tad big.  The key is to go up about two blouse sizes and leave your vanity at the door.  I am literally in a size I never dreamed of being in and I am actually okay with it.  While I am pregnant, size doesn't really matter to me just as long as it is comfortable and more importantly-it actually fits! 
DSCN4814 DSCN4811 DSCN4812 DSCN4813
JunaRose sleeveless top via GwynnieBee (click here to join), Old Navy maternity jeans (click here to purchase ON SALE), Tory Burch sandals (click here to purchase), Target necklace

Kimono's Are ONE Of My Pregnancy Staples

July 28, 2015


I hardly ever wore kimono's when I wasn't pregnant but they have been one of my pregnancy staples since I have started getting bigger in my stomach, arms...well everywhere really. Check out other ways I have worn kimono's here and here

  Dresses are also a no-brainer maternity staple. I couldn't have survived this far into my pregnancy (21 weeks and counting) without them. Great news is most are actually just a size up from my regular non-maternity sizing so hopefully I will still be able to get some use out of them in the years to come.

  DSCN4807 DSCN4801 DSCN4803 DSCN4805
Old Navy maternity dress (click here to purchase), Southern Bella Boutique kimono (click here for similar), Target skinny belt (click here for similar), J. Crew earrings, Sam and Libby sandals via Poshmark

Summer Maternity Style

July 24, 2015

Please excuse the screen door in my pictures today. I walked outside to snap some photos before work, and it has just magically appeared...I'm blaming the in-laws.
  Today I simplified my summer maternity style by wearing just 3 easy items everyone has in their closet. A matte jersey A-line dress keeps me cool in this 90 plus degree weather, a simple necklace and a pair of slip on thong sandals.  Out the door in minutes and still looking pulled together for work. 
Have a fabulous weekend!
  DSCN4793 DSCN4792 DSCN4795
XTwo dress via Gwynnie Bee (click here to join), Tory Burch sandals (click here to purchase), Gifted necklace

Festival Days Kimono

July 22, 2015


If I was going to a festival this summer, I would totally wear this kimono with cut-off shorts.  I love the open back design for an extra surprise when you turn around.  I meant to wear my hair up today but of course I was running late and forgot.  #pregnancybrain

So I know I just saw my parents but they are in town visiting and we are together again.  They are just passing through Knoxville and are staying a couple days with my husband and I before continuing on to Highlands, NC to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  They are so precious!

  DSCN4790 DSCN4787 DSCN4788 DSCN4785
Old Navy maternity jeans (click here to purhase), Charlotte Russe sandals, Old Navy maternity tank (click here to purchase), City Chic festival kimono via Gwynnie Bee (click here to join), Nordstrom tote, Wendy Mink earrings
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